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Installation and Startup ( pdf ) Oct 16 2007 23:40:20
Instructions for how to get a new system minimally operating.

DSP Software ( pdf ) Oct 16 2007 23:40:19
Some comments on the DSP software assemblers, download application files, boot commands, some program notes.

Controller Commands ( pdf ) Oct 16 2007 23:40:17
A list and description of the boot and application commands that the controller can execute.

PCI Commands ( pdf ) Oct 16 2007 23:40:21
A detailed guide to the software interface to the PCI interface board.

Continuous Readout ( pdf ) Oct 16 2007 23:40:17
The controllers can generate many images in a continuous manner with only one start command by putting the images in a circular buffer in the host computer memory.

Temperature Readout ( pdf ) Oct 16 2007 23:40:22
The utility board generates 12-bit digital numbers proportional to the voltage drop across calibrated diodes that need to be converted by the host computer to temperature values.

External Interrupts ( pdf ) Nov 26 2007 19:17:50
The timing board execution can be interrupted by an external signal, causing the program to jump to an interrupt service routine.